воскресенье, 24 августа 2014 г.

Visualize of changes position Univ and share indicators in Webometrics

А small exercise in visualization using Tableau's dynamic filtering.
The graph on the left shows the number of universities in the ranking of countries Webometrics Jul 2014 with dynamics of universities’ average positions in the country’s ranking as compared to Webometrics Jan 2014. Select a country to see a list of universities of this country in the graph below.
The graph shows the normalized deviation for each university and each indicator, calculated as the difference between the university rank based on this indicator only and overall university rank, multiplied by the indicator’s weight in the ranking and normalized (divided) by overall university rank.
The graph to the right shows average values ​​of this normalized deviation for each indicator.
Note that the sum of normalized deviations for all indicators for a university is not equal to zero, because the calculation is based on rank and not on value rating.

It's interesting that Russian universities AVG Impact is significantly worse than other indicators.

Full and interactive version visualize

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